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Dan Hughes portrait

 About me

I've always been fascinated by photography, and the ability to capture a split-second in time that will never

be exactly the same again. It's like my brain is wired to see things through a frame, analyzing the potential

of a different angle in the strangest places, always searching for that perfect shot.  

I've been blessed to be able to travel around the world and witness some amazing places,

most in my element behind a lens, capturing images from a unique perspective. 

In the last 5 years my focus has shifted to ecology and promoting a greater environmental awareness.

“Climate change” is a phrase often used, but it can be a faceless threat, easily ignored. I want to show people

exactly how much we have to lose, and share these magic, natural wonders we need to strive to protect. 


Many of the places I choose to travel to and photograph are in a constant state of change, and while a few are

currently protected, the threat against our national parks, coastlines, forests, and waterways is constant.

With that in mind, I feel a positive outlook is a more effective way of raising awareness than a doom and gloom approach.  I want to celebrate all that nature and this amazing planet has to offer, and share my passion and travels through my images.

Dan Hughes Photography About

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Notable Collections & Permanent Exhibitions

Embassy of Canada - Bucharest, Romania

The Canadian Embassy Chancery - Copenhagen, Denmark

Embassy of Canada -  Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Embassy of Canada - Harare, Zimbabwe

Consulate General of Canada - São Paulo, Brazil

The Embassy of Canada Chancery - Khartoum, Sudan

High Commission of Canada - Kingston, Jamaica

Embassy of Canada - Moscow, Russia

Consulate General of Canada - Chicago, United States

Embassy of Canada -  Dublin, Ireland

Embassy of Canada Chancery - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Embassy of Canada Chancery - San Jose, Costa Rica

Embassy of Canada Chancery - Guatemala City, Guatemala 

Consulate General of Canada Chancery - Atlanta, United States

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